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Acne Care Consumer Photos & Testimonials: See Why Our Customers Say Nature's Cure is the Best Acne Treatment!

Both teen and adult acne sufferers love Nature’s Cure because it works! Nature’s Cure combines the best acne treatments from science and nature to give you the results you want without negative side effects. Try it…you may find that it’s the best acne treatment you’ve ever used for teen or adult acne!

Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatments contain all-natural homeopathic tablets that use the best acne treatments from homeopathy (based on traditional homeopathic evidence) to get to the source of the problem internally, and a Vanishing Cream that uses Benzoyl Peroxide, one of the best acne treatment medications available without a prescription to fight acne externally.

For complete skin care, Nature’s Cure makes two 3-step acne skin care kits that use the best acne treatment medications plus natural botanicals to enhance their acne fighting power and soothe skin. The Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System uses salicylic acid, the best acne treatment medication for people who want a gentle, yet effective acne skin care system. The Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin gets tough on acne with both salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, the best acne treatment medication for killing acne-causing bacteria.

For body acne, Nature’s Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray treats acne in hard-to-reach places. The medicated 2% salicylic acid solution is the best acne treatment for body acne because it is non-staining, unlike Benzoyl Peroxide which can bleach fabrics (like your t-shirt, towels or sheets).

But, don’t take our word for it - read why our customers believe the best acne treatments come from Nature’s Cure. There's no better way to pick the best acne treatment than to see the great results achieved by others. Results are consistent with traditional homeopathic evidence for acne. Results may vary.

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“ I had a real problem when I was in track because when I sweat, I would get real bad acne around my hair line and my face. I would break out with blackheads and whiteheads. I used any kind of face wash they had on the shelf and they didn't work and then I tried things you could buy off the television. Finally, a friend told me about Nature's Cure and it started working within two weeks. I was really happy, it worked great. When I had bad skin, I had bangs because I wanted to hide it all but, now that I don't have acne anymore I can keep my hair back and it's not a problem. I'm not ashamed anymore!”

Jenni J. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females

A Believer in Nature's Cure for Clear Skin

“ I'm a 19 year old who has suffered from pimples since 9th grade...I tried every product that "cures acne"...I was getting sick of having acne...I heard about your product ...Of course, I was skeptical...[but] I saw results within 4 days...and after a couple of boxes, I have clear skin...thank you for making my life better.”

D.T. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Males


“ It's been a complete turnaround in my attitude, confidence and personality.”

Julia uses Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System


“ It really did feel like the whole face was clearing up rather than one problem area at a time.”

Elise uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females

Finally, as an Adult, Acne Pimples are Gone

“ I am 46 years old and have dealt with moderate acne since the age of 13...I purchased Nature's Cure...I thought, okay one more product to try...The combination of pills and ointment has made such a difference...I now have clear skin...even when I have my menstrual cycle. I just love the fact that my skin is now acne free. ”

J.H. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females

In Love with Nature's Cure, the Acne Medicine for Clear Skin

“ I LOVE Nature's Cure...I have tried others, but this works great...I started getting clear skin in a week at the most.”

R.R. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Males


“ The before picture is from about 2 months ago when I stopped taking the Two-Part treatment for a while, and that is what happened. So, I went back into taking it, and the fabulous results showed. I'm grateful.”

Bonbon uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females
Los Vegas, NV


“ Nature's Cure took away the acne and I didn't have any dry skin.”

Anthony uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Males

After Trying the Rest, Nature's Cure Delivers Results

“ I've tried it all - big brand acne creams, special soaps, washes, strips, astringents, medicated pads, masks but Nature's Cure gave me the promised results!”

R.S. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ I ordered a product from a magazine and you had to do three different steps twice a day and it took a lot of time. Nature's Cure is easy because you only have to take a pill twice a day and use a cream. The thing about Nature's Cure is that the pill helps you from the inside and the cream helps the outside, so it's a double way to fight breakouts!”

Vanessa uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females

Since Nature's Cure, Breakouts are Gone

“ This stuff is working miracles. I haven't gotten another acne pimple since I started using it. I just wanted to say thanx. Thanx a million!”

T.S. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Males


“ There's a Nature's Cure product especially made for girls and for guys, and it's really important because we're different.”

Monica uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ They don't dry out your skin and they smell really, really good.”

Genevieve uses Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System

The Miracle of Clear Skin

“ I'm one of the lucky ones with back and shoulder acne...I've searched endlessly for some kind of medication. I've done the prescriptions and the over-the-counter route to no avail. Then I found you guys; you rocked my world! I had clear skin within two weeks. Thank you for this little miracle!”

E.S. uses Body Acne Treatment Spray

No More Adult Acne and Feeling Confident!

“ Nature's Cure makes my skin look fabulous! I would recommend Nature's Cure to any woman who is getting adult acne. Your skin looks clearer, you look younger - I've heard that, and that's the best thing to hear!”

Jackie uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ I'm absolutely amazed! My daughter's skin showed SUCH improvement in two weeks. It was just a GODSEND!”

Patricia uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females

Finding a Cure is Worth Sharing

“ I am amazed...After trying many topical products this is the only product with which I've had success. I have spread the good news to all my friends and family members. Thanks for making an acne medicine that works.”

R.K. uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ I noticed that my pores actually became smaller.”

Erika uses the Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System


“ You've gotta try it because it works for me and I've tried at least a dozen things. ”

Chas uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin


“ Well, i just bought some last night and already saw results, thanks!”

Emily uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ I've been more active doing things that I normally wouldn't do, like taking pictures and talking to guys. ”

Adreena uses Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System


“ hello I use Nature's Cure products....I love it. It works!”

Elzbieta uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ The kit is simple and its easy to put right in your daily routine.”

Ryan uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit


“ i have tried many products...that didn't work. I am glad that i found this product. thank u nature's cure!!!!”

Jonathan uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin


“ It cleared up everything; my whole body, head to toe. I'm very happy. ”

John uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin


“ It's an easy daily routine that doesn't really take time out of your schedule, with nothing but great results.”

Jimmy uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin

Even Adult Acne is no Match for Nature's Cure

“ I have no photos, but I am a 54 year old male that has suffered with adult acne since I was 25 years of age. About 5 months ago my wife happened to see your product on sale at a local pharmacy and I started using it (half heartedly) and to my complete suprise, I have been practicaly acne free ever since. Thank you....”

Michael uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Males


“ I am a 20 year old female, that had suffered severe acne since the age of 11. Throughout the years, I have tried many types of acne treatment systems, from...doxycycline, to every over- the- counter acne treatment there ever was. None of them completely got rid of my acne. However, doycycline seemed to work the best. I have taken doxycyline for almost ten years, knowing that it might be harmful to me in the future. But I let my acne control my life and stuck with it anyways. I have never wanted to give it up, and try something else. This is because I have done it once, and my acne had came back three times as worst. I have always seen your Two- Part- Acne treatment system sold at the drugstore. However, I never wanted to try it, because I knew I had to discontinue doxycycline for your product to come in full effect. (I have tried using both at the same time, and my acne had flared up). I then took all the courage I had to completely give doxycycline up, and took the Two- Part- Acne Treatment system tablets. I noticed results within a couple of days. After a few months, my skin was COMPLETELY clear. I have never thought I could give doxycycline up. Thank you so much Nature's Cure!!! You have changed my life. I am blessed by your product. I wish you can feel how thankful I am. Thank you once again.”

Molly uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ I like that it's made just for guys and it's easy to use.”

Eran uses Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin


“ This product is amazing! I was at my wit's end with over-the-counter treatments and went to a dermatologist for help. But the medication that was prescribed to me wasn't working either. With each breakout I got more and more frustrated. Then I saw Nature's Cure and decided to give it a shot. My skin is FINALLY clear and I couldn't be happier! I got my sisters to start using it too and they have had the same results. I wish I had tried it sooner! ”

Sadie uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females


“ After a few weeks I saw that my face looked really healthy and my acne was disappearing.”

Kristine uses Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System


“ Fantastic stuff! I'm 36 and have tried everything. This actually works and I am on my second kit. I have sensitive skin so I use just a small amount morning and night with aloe vera and moisturizer. If I do get a break out (rarely) I put a little on just that spot and within a couple of hours the red bump is gone. I will never use anything else again...Thank you for finally giving us something that works without harsh chemicals.”

Amy uses 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females
Alberta, Canada


“ i love your body acne i can spray it on my arms and face and it works i saw results in like maybe 2 weeks or so i love it i wouldn't try anything else ”

ashley uses 2-Part Body Acne Treatment


“ I have always had issues with acne, and I have such a light complexion that bright red bumps really stick out. I have tried so many other products and had my skin dried out and chapped- and still I find bright red blotches all over my chin and forehead. I bought Nature's Cure Papaya System on a whim, and was blown away. After using it three times (morning, night and the next morning) I saw a huge difference! After using it for a week and 1/2, my skin was clear and smooth. The product smells awesome, and my skin is so soft immediately after I use it, and lasts all day. I am so glad I picked Nature's Cure!”

Rebecca uses the Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System
San Francisco CA


“ I'm 20 years old and I've had bad acne since I was in seventh grade. Over the years I've tried many of the products out there, the Clean and clear, and Neutrogena, Noxema, and Acne Free, even clearasil didn't clear up the acne. They'd work at first but then my acne would return worse than before. My self- confidence had suffered, I didn't feel pretty and going through school was hard with other kids' taunting. I had recently gone to my doctor hoping for some relief; she gave me a prescription list that totaled $400 that I could not afford, I was about ready to give up. When I saw the Nature's Cure 2-PartI thought "What do I have to lose but the acne?" I bought it and within a few days I noticed improvements! I've been using Natures Cure for just under two months and the difference is amazing! Where my skin had layers of acne and was tender to touch, it's now clear and smooth. My confidence is growing and I'm feeling the best I've ever felt about my skin. While I still have occasional acne I'm looking forward to further improvements. Thanks to Nature's Cure, acne no longer controls me, I control the acne!”



“ This product has made a tremendous improvement in my daughter's life. She had horrible cystic acne and there was no way I could afford dermatology or the related products (some $300+/month!). Not to mention the potential side effects we were not willing to risk. I was desperate to help her. We tried so many products, natural and conventional. I even tried formulating my own homeopathic regimen of individual cell salts. Then I came across Nature's Cure while looking for another product to try. I wish we found this months earlier. I have since started using it also and am already starting to see improvement in my adult acne. Actually, at age 41, I have never been completely clear since my teens. Thanks so much for this product. It is truly improving lives!”

North Port, FL


“ i bought the 2 part acne treatment for my 14 year old son that was having severe acne on his back i tried everything but wanted to give him something to work from the inside too so i saw this product and thought i'd give it a try and i am so glad i did!!! it has cleared up his back 100%!!!! i never thought we would get it cleared up without going to the dermatologist this product is wonderful and it works thank you for including males in your products”

lisa j.
bovard, pa


“ I couldnt bring myself to put my before and after picture up because the before was too humiliating. I used to have severe acne and after less then 2 weeks of using the 2 part acne treatment for females my skin was almost perfect! And since the problem was mainly internal before using Natures cure my hair was also falling out which can be related to acne. And now after using Natures cure my hair never falls out anymore and I feel way better! Thank you so much I never would of felt this confident without you guys, Im just glad that there is a product that truly works.”



“ Wow. Had bad spots after stopping breast feeding my son. Nothing worked. Took your tablets and had miraculous results. Sent some to my nephew in England who had the worst acne I have seen. He had been on all the horrible acne drugs, without much success. Again, miraculous results. He is begging me to send more. You made a teenage boy and a 37 year old mum very happy. Thank you.”

Anna Hall
Vancouver Island


“ Well I just started a few weeks ago and I already noticed it working, right away. It's just right and doesn't bother my skin.”

Jessica Romero
Gresham, Oregon


“ I am 25 now and I have been using your 2-part Acne Treatment system for females for about 2 years in combination with your Papaya Skin Care system. Prior to using your products, I tried everything on the market. My aunt, who is a nurse, recommended this to me. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. Before this product NOTHING cleared up my skin. Nature's Cure cleared my skin in 2-3 weeks and it has been clear ever since. ”

West Hartford, CT


“ I have been using the Nature's Cure acne cream and tablets for about 6 mos now. I am 37 years old and have had acne ever since I was 16. The pills in combination with the cream works very well. I tried about 1 mo ago to stop taking it to see if my skin could continue on the right coarse. Immediatley I started to break out again. The pills and cream work great and I can't do without them. I am so happy there is a "natural" cure to help with acne now.”

Dallas, Tx


“ OK, I have had acne since 5th grade /: I'm going in to the 8th. And I have used soooo soo many products to try and help my acne. I had seen a commercial for acne pills. And I had spoken with my mom if she could find me some, so one night she comes home with Nature's Cure. And I started taking the pills each day and using the cream when needed. Less then a week and I could see the difference. Thanks so much for helping me! <3 (:”



“ I'm 17 years of age and I have really bad acne! I was picking my face and back a lot. I used to cry myself to sleep due to the fact my acne was terrible. My mom got me Proactive, which worked in about a month, then my acne came back twice as worse! Not only did it come back, the price of Proactive is really high!!! So I tried other products like Mary Kay, Avon, Neutrogena, Clear & Clear, and regular soap and water. I mean none of that stuff worked! Until my junior year in school my mom went to Walmart where she found Nature's Care 2-Part Acne Cream with Pills and I mean it worked as soon as I got it. By the third day my face was clearing up! On top of that it's cheap!!!! I love this product a lot and I used the spray for my back which really worked too!!!! I really love these products. I LOVE THIS STUFF :)”

Honolulu, HI


“ I LOVE Nature's Cure! I had acne so bad, I would not even go to school. I tried everything! I went to three different doctors and I honestly tried over one hundred products easy. It took me 4 years to actually find something that worked. I have PERFECT skin now. I am not joking, its beautiful. I have got my friends Terayha, Ashley, Monica and Kathi on it, my sister Nichole and my cousin Tyler. Everyone needs this stuff! It will change your life forever! :)”

Marie Mayne
Logan, UT


“ I'm in my twenties and I've only had acne for the past 2 years. It got really bad and I tried various products - hoping they'd do what they said they would. Acne Free, Proactiv, byebyeblemish, clean & clear, baking soda, Yaz, anti-biotics, everything! I did not want the whole regimen necessary for Acne Free/Proactiv/etc. I read about Accutane and as I saw it as a permanent cure, but who wants to dry up like a raisin and be in pain?! I saw Nature's Cure and it surprised me because it was the only product in a sea of acne products to offer a cure in tablet form. I wanted to try something different. I took the first day of pills, went to sleep that night thinking, "Wonder how long this will take..." I woke up and my face was MUCH clearer. I was amazed. That was a WEEK ago, and now my face has cleared up completely. I haven't been using the cream much because the pills helped me alone. Also, I have oily skin and rather large pores, so I have to wash my face regularly or I wake up with pimples everywhere. I passed out without washing my face a few times and for the first time ever I didn't wake up to whiteheads or huge blackheads. My pores stay small and my face isn't an oil slick! I'm so glad I found something before the scarring started getting bad. After trying so many products and realizing they all had the same active ingredients at the same levels, I tried something new. No more wasting money on the same product with a different name over and over again. You are the best!”

Las Vegas, Nevada


“ I have used Nature's Cure in the past. Never had teenage acne and only started with acne after the age of 35 (I am now almost 49). Everyone noticed how clear and "glowing" my skin became. When I stop using it, my skins goes bad again. I love this product as I have tried everything under the sun and nothing else works. ”

Jacksonville, FL


“ Since fifth-grade I've always had terrible acne. I've tried everything from prescription face washes to every form of scrubs, masks, pastes, and anything I could find. Finally, I decided to go to a dermatologist. As a last resort my mom got me acne's cure. After 3 DAYS I saw a major improvement. Now, I've been using Nature's Cure for about 4 months and my skin is absolutely FLAWLESS!!! Thank you Nature's Cure!!!!”



“ Hi! I am actually writing regarding my daughter's sucess story. After using 2 packages of Nature's Cure my daughter's face looked much better.”

Julie Lavery
Kanata, Ontario, Canada


“ I have been struggling with severe acne all my life all the way through college. It really affected my self image and social life. A few years back I found this amazing product at a local grocery store and decided to give it a try. Wow! I never thought anything would work like this. I have tried everything available, including Proactiv. I do not even use the cream anymore because the homeopathic pills take care of everything. No more acne at all 100% cured. I know it works because after a few days of not using it the acne starts coming back. I have recommended this product to over 100 people and I hope to all that is sacred that this product will never stop being produced. I have noticed that certain stores do not have it anymore. Their loss I say. You people are genius and all the praise in the world for improving my life! I hope that anyone struggling with acne discovers your miracle product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Phoenix, AZ


“ I have used your product for my older two daughters during their hormonal years and it was fabulous! The only thing that would take care of their acne.”

Gina Hitt
Shelbyville, Tn


“ I couldn't get my acne cleared up with any products (Proactive etc.) until I started using Natures Cure. My mother has been telling her friends about it. Very Happy Customer. Love your product.”

Leslie Hensley
Cheraw, South Carolina


“ I saw these in the drugstore and a girl in the aisle commented how great they work. I thought "no way, its too simple". Well, for around $10 I knew I had nothing to lose. I am not kidding-in one week I saw a difference. The last 5 years I struggled with the painful adult cystic acne and nothing has worked until now. It has now been one month and I have not got any new acne and my face is looking better everyday! I really did not believe these would work and now I am amazed how clear my face is. I bought 2 packs last night so I am never out of these tablets! I used the cream occasionally but now I only need the tablets because my acne is under control. ”

Riverside, CA


“ I have always been a Natures Cure product consumer, your 2 part Acne treatment was the only thing that helped me when I was young. I am amazed by your philosophy and mission on natural homeopathic treatments. Each time I travel to the US I have friends that ask if I can buy your products and bring them here. Sebastian.”