See More About Homeopathy to understand the homeopathic effectiveness of our tablets and capsules.

More about Homeopathy

Nature’s Cure 2-Part Treatments contain an FDA regulated topical drug and traditional homeopathic medication.  Homeopathic tablet and capsule ingredients and their indications are based on traditional homeopathic evidence. Nature’s Cure believes that homeopathic treatments are safe, all-natural alternatives that really work - so we’re on a mission to educate people about the benefits of homeopathy. Read more about the principles of homeopathy below to find how homeopathic treatments are different from traditional over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

  • Mode of Action – Based on the principal of “like cures like”, homeopathic treatments use micro-doses of ingredients that would trigger the symptoms to be treated if ingested in large amounts. Homeopaths believe that dilute ingredients activate the body’s defenses to fight back. With minute doses, the risk of toxicity issues and harmful side effects in homeopathic treatments is minimized, unlike conventional drugs, which use chemicals to overpower a disease or symptom.
  • Safe – The FDA regulates homeopathic products as drugs to assure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations for safety, purity and stability. Ingredients used in homeopathic treatments must be listed in the US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia as safe for homeopathic use.
  • Proven – FDA policy permits homeopathic treatments to make claims based on traditional homeopathic evidence, called provings, which establish the treatment profile of an ingredient. The first recorded provings were published in 1796, based on extensive observation of volunteer subjects. With the use of control groups, methodical and quantitative measures and some of the first applications of statistics in medicine, these early experiments contributed to the development of the modern-day clinical trial.
  • All-natural – All ingredients are minerals, herbs or other natural extracts diluted for homeopathic use. The number preceding an "X" indicates the serial dilution. For example, the first dilution is 1X, the thirtieth is 30X, and so on. A 30X dilution means the ingredient was extracted, diluted, and filtered 30 times, before being used in the product.
  • Convenient – Available without a prescription, no trip to a doctor is required. And, as the popularity of homeopathic remedies grows, more products are becoming available in mainstream grocery, drug and mass retailers. In addition to Nature’s Cure, you will also find other homeopathic brands, such as Zicam, Hyland’s, Similasan and Cold-Eeze.
  • Inexpensive – Homeopathic medicine offers affordable internal treatment options relative to prescription drugs. For example, Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatment sells for $10 for a 1 month supply vs. Differin for $150, Benzaclin (Clindamycin) for $90, Erythromycin pads for $50, or Accutane for $450, not including doctor’s visits.