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Anti-Acne Face and Body Shower Kit for Male Skin:
With Male Acne Lotion, Cleanser & Toner

Nature's Cure Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin is a three-part skin care kit designed to effortlessly fight acne for guys of all skin types, ages & ethnicities. With acne-prone skin, you need to tackle oil, blackheads, pimples and other blemishes. Male skin can be even tougher to deal with because of enlarged pores, excessive oil, sweat, and razor bumps. That's why Nature's Cure has created a Face Wash, Shower Gel, and Male Acne Lotion specifically formulated for male skin. Simply incorporate this acne kit into your daily shower routine and you can have clean, clear, healthy skin everywhere. 

Satisfaction guarantedd or your money back

  • Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Effective combination of the two top acne-fighting ingredients: benzoyl peroxide (in the Male Acne Lotion and Foaming Face Wash) and salicylic acid (in the Shower Gel).
  • Extra Value: Larger bottles mean more product at a low price
  • Includes male Acne Lotion that does more than a regular spot treatment:
    • Clears and prevents acne all over your face
    • Maintains moisture balance and calms skin
  • Easy to use: conveniently sold as an acne kit and easily fits into your daily showering routine – Just cleanse your face and body in the shower and then apply the male acne lotion.
  • Conveniently available at retail stores
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Won't clog pores, promote oily skin or cause over-drying. Oil and alcohol free...even our Acne Lotion, unlike other male acne lotions.