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Body Acne Treatments

One of the reasons that body acne is difficult to treat, especially back acne, is because of the difficulty in applying medication to the affected area. Now, there is no need to let back acne stop you from wearing that special dress, changing in the locker room or spending the summer in your bathing suit. Available for purchase on its own or as a component of the Two-Part Body Acne Treatment System (only available at, Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray comes with a specially designed pump that sprays from any angle, including upside-down to treat acne in those hard-to-reach places - even in the middle of your back!

Body Acne Treatment Spray

  • Maximum strength 2% salicylic acid formulation
  • Non-staining
  • Treats acne in hard-to-reach places
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Two-Part Acne Treatment

For a two-pronged approach to fighting body acne, try our Two-Part Body Acne Treatment System, available only at Body acne differs from face acne in location, size, persistence and difficulty of treatment and most often appears as chest, neck, arm and back acne. Because bacteria are the primary cause of body acne, we've developed a tablet that stimulates your body's natural defenses against bacteria growth and helps stop body acne where it starts. Just take the body acne tablet twice a day and use the salicylic acid Body Acne Treatment spray one to three times daily and you may see results in as little as two weeks.

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