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2-Part Acne Treatment for Females:
The Inside-Outside Female Face Acne Solution

When you’re looking for a female face acne solution, you need to know what you’re up against. The external causes of face acne, clogged pores that trap face acne-causing bacteria under the skin’s surface, are only part of the problem. There can also be imbalances occurring inside your body that can trigger breakouts. That’s why surface treatments aren’t always enough. Only Nature's Cure offers a female face acne solution that takes an inside-outside approach to treating existing face acne and preventing future breakouts.

Outside: The Cream

While the female face acne tablets are fighting face acne homeopathically, the Benzoyl Peroxide Vanishing Cream works externally to clear blemishes fast. Applied one to three times daily, this spot treatment face acne solution will both treat existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Benzoyl peroxide is a proven face acne-fighting ingredient that:

  • Kills face acne-causing bacteria
  • Unblocks pores and reduces inflammation 

Nature’s Cure Benzoyl Peroxide cream also contains natural, skin-soothing botanicals to help control redness and dryness. Ingredients like aloe vera and allantoin promote healing and help prevent over-drying of the skin. The combination of Benzoyl Peroxide, aloe vera and allantoin makes the Vanishing Cream in our female face acne solution highly effective for eliminating that frustrating face acne without additional irritation.

INSIDE: The Tablets

Internal imbalances can be caused by diet, stress or changes in your body. The tablets in the Nature's Cure female face acne solution use homeopathic principles to stimulate your body's natural defenses to help stop face acne where it starts. By offering a female face acne solution, Nature’s Cure addresses the gender-specific causes of face acne. The tablets in the 2-Part Acne Treatment for Females are made specifically to work with a woman’s body so you can control your face acne with a female face acne solution made just for you.

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Just take the tablet twice a day and apply the Benzoyl Peroxide Vanishing Cream for results in as little as two weeks. Dermatologist Tested Safe & Effective