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Question 21

Martina Says:

Remember to take care of your skin daily. Make it part of your regimen. Nature’s Cure has a whole line of products to keep your skin healthy and clear. Try the Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System for girls. It smells like an alluring tropical breeze and is an all inclusive kit with cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer. Or try the Anti-acne Face & Body Shower Kit for guys. This is a no fuss shower gel, face wash and acne repair lotion kit that will help you keep your cool when the pretty girl comes your way. Go to for all the 411 on their products and for a list of stores where you can buy them. Remember, good skin will help you build confidence, and with confidence, you’ll be able to pursue anything you want in life!  
Sat, Jan 24, 2009 | answers (54)

My Answer

Past Questions & Top Answers

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Question 20

Martina says:

It’s winter and it’s snowboarding time! But sometimes being a ski bunny has its pitfalls. You can get back pimples because you’re all bundled up in heavy ski gear, and then get sweaty underneath, which gives you pimples. If that happens to you, try Nature’s Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray. It works! And the spray pump is pretty cool because you can spray it in any direction, even upside down, to get at hard to reach places like the middle of your back. And like all Nature’s Cure products, there’s a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

So this week's question is:  What's your favorite thing about winter?

Top Answers

  • no sweating
  • drinking hot cocoa
  • snow closing:we stay in our pj's all day,watch movies,have popcorn and hot chocolate.Then we head outside for sledding and snowball fights!
  • its snowboarding time!
  • snow angels
Sat, Jan 17, 2009 | answers (55)

Question 19

 Martina says:

So now that the holidays are over, and it’s a brand new year to start fresh, what do you have planned for 2009? Get good grades, get in shape, get good skin? Not sure about the first two, but Nature’s Cure can definitely help with the good skin part. Have you tried their 2-Part Acne Treatment? It’s an easy two-step, two times a day routine that will make your skin super clear. 
Step 1: Take one all-natural tablet twice a day to get to the source of what is making you break out. These homeopathic tablets will work to build your body’s defenses. 
Step 2: Spot treat current pimples with the Benzoyl Peroxide Vanishing cream to kill acne causing bacteria a couple times a day.

So this week's question is:  What would you do if you won the lottery?

Top Answers

  • My New Year's Resolution is to be happy with myself at the end of the year. If I won the lottery, I would definitely pay back my tuition, at least some of it, and go to Disneyworld with 3 other friends, and then go on a cruise, then go to a different country like Ireland, Africa, Australia, or Europe!
  • If I won the lottery I would buy myself a spiffy drum set, and a laptop, and then I would follow some of my favorite bands on tour, and then I would give the rest to my church.
  • Live happily ever after.
  • sweet...
Sat, Jan 3, 2009 | answers (91)

Question 18

 Martina says:

We’re approaching holiday season, and you know what that means: Getting kissed under a mistletoe, attending holiday parties, winter formal. Nature’s Cure wants you to look your best in the coming weeks, so make sure you keep up with your skin care regimen. Ladies, if you haven’t yet, try the Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System. It’s an easy 3-step system that helps to keep your skin pimple-free and smelling nice. Guys, make sure to try the Nature’s Cure Shower kit which comes with shower gel, face wash, and acne repair lotion. Why? Because you can’t count on a reindeer sweater to make you look good.  These kits also make great stocking stuffers for friends or family who want an easy way to get great skin.  
But don’t forget to go on to see who the 10 finalists are on November 13th! After that, you’ll have the chance to vote for your absolute favorite guy and girl. The decision will be completely up to the audience so make your vote count.
So this week's question is:  What's the worst present you ever got and what did you do with it?

Top Answers

  • i got a ugly sweatshirt with snowmen when i was 15 from my grandma. I wore it but only on special occasions so she would think that i liked it.
  • A belly button brush! I kept it for awhile and then threw it out.
  • A bank full of bubble gum that I couldn't chew since I had just gotten braces.
  • A christmas ornament from a place I had never been.. and I am jewish.
  • Plastic deer that pooped chocolates. I threw it away.
Sat, Nov 8, 2008 | answers (645)

Question 17

Martina says:

Winter formal is around the corner for some people. It’s time to start planning. Who are you going to ask? What are you going to wear? Limo or Dad’s car? Either way, it’s time to start taking care of your skin so you look awesome on that day. Nature’s Cure has a two-part acne treatment for the face. It’s got a cream paired with all-natural tablets to help you fight pimples inside and out. Not only that, Nature’s Cure makes a body acne treatment spray. This is a must have if you’re going to wear that fabulous backless dress you’ve been eyeing. 

This week's question is:  Describe the best day of your life.

Top Answers

  • the best day of my life was going to six flags to have fun and be my self.
  • The best day of my life would be... Going to disney world with my 5 best friends, and just chillin by the beach. Hasn't happened yet... but it will one day.
  • The best day of my life was when there were elections for student council and i was running for president, i was really into these kinds of things. In the end i got elected for president!
Sat, Nov 1, 2008 | answers (25)

Question 16

 Martina says:   Some people think that teenagers have all the fun and no stress. Yeah right. Somebody forget about tests, prep courses, afterschool sports, and homework? Well, it’s important to do what you can to minimize stress by eating right, getting enough sleep, and talking out your problems. This is also a good way to help fight pimples, since stress is a trigger for breakouts. But in case you can’t totally eliminate stress, Nature’s Cure has a 2-Part Acne Treatment you should try. It’s the only product that treats and prevents acne from the inside and outside. There are all natural tablets that you take as well as a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream to get rid of existing pimples.

This week's question is:  What do you like to do to relax and unwind?

Top Answers

  • I like to just listen to music or read a book. This week at school, the Nursing students had a free chair massage for those students that are stressed. THAT was absolutely amazing. If I'm totally stressed, I'll take a really long hot shower.
  • I like to read a good mystery book or watch a good movie, a comedy. I also like to soak in a nice hot bathtub and pamper myself by getting a hair cut or my nails done.
  • I like to read,play my piano and try to write a song,or listen to my mp3 to relax and unwind .
  • I like to just talk on the phone with my friends, or just chill with them. But hanging out with my boyfriend is the best :) he's the one who really makes me happy.
Sat, Oct 25, 2008 | answers (5)

Question 15

Martina says:    Halloween is coming up. What are you dressing up as? Witch, goblin, Paris, the Joker? Whatever you come up with, make sure all that gobbled gook makeup doesn’t get stuck in your pores at the end of the night. Use Nature’s Cure Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care system for girls, which includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer and smells like a tropical breeze. For guys, use the Nature’s Cure Anti-acne Face & Body Shower Kit, which comes with a shower gel, face wash, and acne repair lotion. This way, if you decide to be a Smurf and paint yourself head to toe in blue, you won’t have to worry so much about getting pimples the next day. 

So this week's question is:  What's the best Halloween costume you ever wore?

Top Answers

  • The best costume i ever wore was an angel be cause you do not have to put make up on just lip gloss to give you a natural look.
  • I'm Gonna Be a Sleepover Zombie with my Bff Shelby and go to tha halloween dance and scare people
  • The best halloween costume i ever wore was going as a purple crayon ! 6 of my friends were going as a crayon in different colors :P
Sat, Oct 18, 2008 | answers (3)

Question 14


A lot of you participate in Fall sports like football, soccer and volleyball. Getting dirty and sweaty is just part of the game and part of the fun, but that doesn’t mean you want to get breakouts as a result. Nature’s Cure has a Body Acne Treatment Spray that’s great for anyone who does any kind of sports. It’s really easy to use – after showering, pat dry your body, then spray on affected areas.  And because you can spray it in any direction, even upside down, you can get at hard to reach places like the middle of your back. 

This week's question is:  Who’s your favorite sports star or team and why?

Top Answers

  • My favorite sports team are the detroit pistons because i think they have the best players and the best.. THEY'RE ALL GOOD LOOKING :)
  • Montreal Canadians in Hockey :)
  • my school's football team won 62-0 the other day, we pretty much own everyone else's teams :D
  • I'm not really a big sports fan when you think of what a sports fan is, but my favorite sports team is my high school swim team that I belong to. The reason is that we all have alot of respect for each other and really try to encourage each other to do our best. We are a very close team. One day when the coach was really thinking that we were irresponsible, we had a teammate who had broken his ankle and was having a hard time finishing practice. One by one each other teammate got back into the water to swim alongside of him until he finished. That's a team and a family!
Sat, Oct 11, 2008 | answers (6)

Question 13

Martina says:

So this week's question is:  What are you a natural at?  As in, what's a talent that comes easy to you?

Top Answers

  • I am a natural at singing. I've been singing since i could speak!
  • Somtimes I think my talent is making my parents mad! But mostly I think my talent is listening to my friends and helping them with their problems.
  • I am a natural at singing, it's pretty much second nature to me to read music and listen for harmonies, ever since I started college. Singing is really fun, and even though you think you are a bad singer, you'd be surprised if you joined a local choir. It's fun and it gives you more confidence about yourself!
Sat, Oct 4, 2008 | answers (4)

Question 12

Martina says:  These days, it’s getting more and more important for people to eat healthy, organic foods with no pesticides. It’s important that we think about what we put into our body and try to be as chemical-free as possible. Well, Nature’s Cure has a similar philosophy as well. That’s why when it comes to fighting pimples, Nature’s Cure’s 2-Part Acne Treatment incorporates homeopathic tablets, which are made of all-natural ingredients. They’re FDA approved and totally safe for your body. Now tack on the 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream that you apply onto your skin and you’ve got a safe and effective treatment solution for your annoying, though natural, pimples. Go to the Nature’s Cure Website to find a store near you.

So, this week's question is:  What's the best way to get noticed by someone you think is cute?

Top Answers

  • just be friendly and be yourself
  • There is no way to get noticed.. but, try being yourself, and small talk. Sooner or later youll find out if hes into you.. and the rest will fall in to place, weather or not its full term dating, or just friends.. good luck.. listen to your heart.
Sat, Sep 27, 2008 | answers (3)

Question 11

Martina says:

So, this week's question is: Who are your favorite male and female Clear Confidence Face-Off contestants and why?  To check out the contestants, visit or

Top Answers

  • My favorite are Jason Lyke because he has a very clear face and alexis valerio because she has a very clear face and she lools all natural no make-up!
Sat, Sep 20, 2008 | answers (1)

Question 10

Martina says: Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatments not only treat the acne you have, they also prevent future breakouts.  Here are some great skin care tips from Nature’s Cure:
o Don't use harsh scrubs when you have acne -- they can make acne worse by increasing inflammation and spreading bacteria.
o If your hair is long, wear it pulled back, especially at night. Also, avoid using products in your hair that are oily or pore-clogging to prevent breakouts along the hairline.
o Don't pick at or pop your pimples! It doesn’t make them go away faster and can leave a scar.

So, this week's question is: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Top Answers

  • I would like to be invisible in the winter so I can throw a snowbal and nobody will know who hit them. ha! ha!
  • I would go around New York, or some other city or whatever, and save people from like, doing stupid things. Like, if someone were about to drop something, I'd go and rescue it before it fell.
  • I would want to try to help people that may need it. I would watch out for kids that get picked on by other kids, almost like a guradian angel. But it would also be fun to follow my crush around and spy on him to see if he's really as great as I think he is!
Sat, Sep 13, 2008 | answers (5)

Question 9

Martina says: Don't cancel out the good you’re doing for your skin with Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatment by using cleansers or moisturizers that overdry skin or clog pores.  Nature’s Cure's 3-Step kits are easy to use fight acne in every step.  The Papaya Kit makes skin feel soft and smooth, and smell nice.  And the Shower Kit helps guys fight acne while they shower and all day long. Remember, we're taking a two-week break.  Stay tuned for the next question coming Sept. 14.  We'll also announce the first  ipod Shuffle winner at that time.  Good luck!

So, this week's question is: If you could put together a “Back to School Survival Kit,” what would be in it? (get your answer in by Sept. 8 to be included in the first drawing).

Top Answers

  • Brush and hair band to keep my hair out of my face to prevent pimples. Nature Cure's Acne kit along with the Papaya kit to keep my skin clear.
  • lip gloss, a great backback, an iPhone, sunscreen and a bike.
  • earplugs, candy, 2 cellphones just incase one get confiscated
  • maybe an uplifting book
Sat, Aug 23, 2008 | answers (9)

Question 8

Martina says: It's time to start getting your skin cleared up for back-to-school.  Nature’s Cure 2-Part Acne Treatment is guaranteed to improve your skin, usually in as little as two weeks, because it works from outside to dry up zits and inside to balance your body.  Seriously, they will give you your money back if you aren’t happy with the results.

So, this week's question is: If you could add a sport to the Olympics, what would it be?  Made-up sports are encouraged! 

Top Answers

  • They should mix the sports up a bit. There should be at least one team in each sport that has both male and female teamates because it would be different from the usual tradition and super cool.
  • I would add a sport were you would ride on a dolphin and race in the water.
  • i think there should be Hide and Go Seek. that would be super cool. :3
Sat, Aug 16, 2008 | answers (7)

Question 7

Martina says: Anyone who gets sweaty or does sports needs to know about Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray. Especially if you don't want embarrassing body acne to keep you from wearing fun summer fashions. Nature's Cure comes in a special bottle that sprays in any direction so it's easy to get the medicine where you need it. Good bye bacne!

Sorry about the confusion about this week's question - We just couldn't make up our minds!!!  Please answer this question for this week:  Tell me about your most funny & embarrassing moment  (you can think about the Olympics question that Martina mentioned for next week when we ask it on the next show).

Top Answers

  • Funny story because i actually did it on purpose, i went to the mall dressed up in a purple teletubbie out fit with a cape on.
  • Dance, dance drop your pants (no explanation neccesary)
  • So one day in seventh grade i was skipping down the hall way having a jolly old time when this big meanie head stuck out his foot to try to trip me. Well, he suceeded and he caught my ankle with his foot and then BAM!!! I hit the floor reallllllly hard and boy was it loud. my backpack ended up like on top of my head and the next day i had a HUGE purple bruise that had taken over my entire knee to show everyone. It was really embarassing cuz there were like amillion people around since it was right after the bell but it was cool cuz we were all laughing about it like ten minutes later.
  • Last year my school preformed the play "After Juliet." I played the villainish character Valentine. At the end of the play im supposed to give up and storm off stage while yelling. I got a cold the day of the final performance and in my big finale my voiced cracked just as i threw my sword. it was the most high pitched girly scream ever and i still get s--- for it =/
Sat, Aug 9, 2008 | answers (9)

Question 6

Martina says: Do you have what it takes to be the face of Nature's Cure? Find out by entering the Clear Confidence Face-Off! Winners will get prize money, free product and have the opportunity to be featured in Nature's Cure advertising! And, who doesn't want to be famous? Enter by September 30, 2008 to participate.

So, this week's question is: If you followed your dreams and became famous one day, what would you be famous for?

Top Answers

  • I want to be the lead singer in an emo band
  • electrical engineering. don't ask
  • I really want to be an actor, though however impractical it seems at the time.
  • I'd like to be famous for nothing. One of those celebrities that do nothing and just hang around at parties getting drunk and making a fool out of myself.
Sat, Aug 2, 2008 | answers (6)

Question 5

Martina says: Nature’s Cure makes an acne skin care kit for guys called the Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin. But, they call it the “No-Fuss Kit for Guys” for short because its easy to use and fits right into a guy’s everyday showering routine. This “No-Fuss Kit for Guys” (aka the Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit for Male Skin) is tough on acne, gentle on skin and has everything a guy needs all in one box.

So, this week's question is, What is YOUR nickname and how did you get it?

Top Answers

  • "The Dude" or "El Duderino" because I quote The Big Lebowski all the time.
  • Nurp...haha. My dad use to look at me and think of something like nurp because I geuss a nurp is like a small peanut thing. Also...MarMar the Bear Bear! All of my friends just randomly srted calling me that! Also nurple...but thats also refferred to as something else, so I don't know how that one came along
  • Tapina Toping I guess one day my friends decided i was acting 'weird' so they made up "Tapina" cuz it rhymes with Devina, and then Toping... cuz it starts with a T. In the end... lame story... but hilarious name
  • Marfs. My friend tried to call me marths but couldn't so it became marfs.
Sat, Jul 26, 2008 | answers (10)

Question 4

Martina says: Did you guys hear that fashion & modeling guru, Michael Maddox, is a huge fan of Nature's Cure? He approached Nature's Cure to be their Expert Endorser after using the products himself with great results. Now, he recommends the Nature's Cure line to all his Hollywood and modeling clients! Read Michael's expert beauty tips here.

So, this week’s question is, If you could spend the day with any one celebrity, who would it be?

Top Answers

  • I would have to say... either Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Billie Joe Armstrong from Greenday
  • uum, that would probly have to be the lead singer of paramore. shes soo pretty and the whole band seems so down to earth, i love there music, i sing there songs all the time. but if you martina butler were a celebrity, i wou;d be saying you, cause i would LOVE to meet you. your my role model! thanks for making such an amazing podcast.
  • Johnny Depp.... Not only is he gorgeous but very intriguing!!
  • I would have to say Johnny Depp because he has had so much experience with different movies and i bet he would be really fun to hang out with. Plus he is very good looking haha.
Sat, Jul 19, 2008 | answers (4)

Question 3

Martina says: Nature's Cure Anti-Acne Papaya Skin Care System comes with everything you need to take care of your skin - a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Papaya actually helps you look great by exfoliating and softening your skin, while the salicylic acid gets rid of your acne. Everyone who uses it thinks that it smells great…kind of like like a tropical getaway!  

So, the question of week is: If you could go on vacation anywhere you wanted this summer, where would you call paradise?

Top Answers

  • i would have to say Hawaii!!!!!! blue water! where i`m at it`s green
  • Djibouti ... LAUGH
  • I would call Australia paradise. It's so beautiful there and it's an awsome place to go Surfing & Scuba Diving.
  • I would go on vacation to London. The fashion scene is amazing, and there's great music.
Sat, Jul 5, 2008 | answers (10)

Question 2

Martina says: Summer brings more casual, laid back days…no need to get up early or get dressed up for school. So, it’s no wonder that people also slack on their skin care routine. But, if you want to keep your acne in check, you have to keep at it. Luckily, Nature’s Cure makes it easy to take care of your skin with their Two-Part Acne Treatments. 2 steps twice a day, and your skin looks fabulous!

So, this week’s question is: What is your favorite lazy summer day activity?

Top Answers

  • hangin' with friends indoors and playing monopoly... its funner than it sounds... promise.
  • Sleeping, DUH! And also going to the Mall, or the Movies, or listening to Emo Girl Talk, oh, and taking care of my acne!
  • Listening to old episodes of Emo Girl Talk on my iPod
Sat, Jun 28, 2008 | answers (7)

Question 1

Martina says: Nature’s Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray comes in a cool spray bottle that makes it easy to get the medicine anywhere you need it – even the middle of your back. Use Nature’s Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray and you can wear whatever you want this summer with no worries!

So, this week’s question is: What song makes you feel like summer?

Top Answers

  • Any song that you can bump up to the max level and drive around town in your convertible makes me feel like summer.
  • Shake It by Metrostation
  • Goodwill Hunting By Myself ~by~ Ludo
  • Party Hard by Andrew W.K.
  • "On Top of the World" - Boys Like Girls
  • Summer Love- Justin Timberlake
Thu, Jun 12, 2008 | answers (9)

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