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2-Part Feminine Vitality Treatment:
The Inside-Outside Vaginal Moisturizer

Feel more lubricated, confident and comfortable during sexual activity and your daily life with Nature's Cure Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer and all-natural tablets.

Vaginal aging results from hormonal changes that can thin vaginal skin and reduce secretions resulting in the need for a vaginal moisturizer. Signs of vaginal aging include loss of vaginal moisture and elasticity, minor inflammation, discomfort during intercourse and elevated vaginal pH, which can lead to odor.

Younger women may also need a vaginal moisturizer if they experience vaginal dryness due to childbirth, breast-feeding, certain medications, smoking, or even douche or tampon use.

BEST OF NATURE All-Natural Homeopathic Tablets

All-Natural Homeopathic Tablets act like nature's vaginal moisturizer.  They stimulate your natural defenses to correct moisture and dermal problems, including minor inflammation, that can result from external irritants and hormonal changes. Homeopathic ingredients, like Barberry for dryness and Wind Flower for vaginal discomfort and odor, help counteract these problems for increased comfort and confidence with just one tablet a day. Nature’s Cure tablets have no side effects.

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Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer Gel

Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisture Gel eases dryness on contact and acts as a vaginal moisturizer for up to 3 days. Botanicals like Evening Primrose Oil and Tamarind Seed provide moisture, while Ginseng and vitamins A and E improve skin strength and tone. This vaginal moisturizer also contains an advanced bio-adhesive that stays in place to adjust pH, reducing the risk of odor, and soothe the area with skin conditioners like Allantoin. Our vaginal moisturizer is natural-feeling, water-based, estrogen-free, unscented, flavorless and no-mess.