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Nature's Cure knows that when it comes to yeast infection treatments and feminine comfort, you want treatments that are effective, but also gentle and natural. By pairing the best of science and nature, Nature's Cure is able to offer just what you need. Nature's Cure Yeast Infection Treatment Convenience Packs relieve the symptoms from the outside and inside for a comprehensive yeast infection treatment: all-natural homeopathic yeast infection treatment tablets work internally to combat overgrown yeast while the vaginal antifungal yeast infection treatment cream relieves the bothersome symptoms.

Nature's Cure Yeast Infection Treatment Packs come with either a 1-Day or a 3-Day yeast infection treatment, so you can choose the treatment method you prefer. As a companion to its yeast infection treatment products, Nature's Cure also makes Yeast Control Capsules to help the body maintain a healthy environment that discourages yeast overgrowth.

NEW to the Nature's Cure Feminine Care line is our 2-Part Feminine Vitality treatment formulated to promote vaginal comfort and vitality. Feel more lubricated, confident and comfortable during sexual activity and your daily life.

“I like the fact that it had the natural tablets, it worked well and it worked fast…Definitely I found a product that I will keep using.” - Stephanie uses 3-Day Yeast Infection Convenience Pack. Read more from our satisfied customers